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In casinos poker is no longer played with chips made from 100% pure clay. Pure clay chips are very delicate and can break easily. In the 1950s clay chips were replaced by the composite clay chips where (mer…)

Gibson's Original Acoustic Instruments division and J.D. Crowe, the newest inductee to the IBMA Hall of Honor, debut the J.D. Crowe "Black Jack" banjo. Crowe, one of the influential fathers of the "new (mer…)

The logic here is that the automatic assumption is that the game favors the house. Increased betting activity relies on the count passing zero and moving into positive numbers. Its scores against our criteria (mer…)

Una formación ofensiva puede contar con hasta 3 runningbacks pero eso es muy poco habitual. Hay que tener en cuenta que la norma de los 7 hombres en la línea de scrimmage obliga a tener solo 4 jugadores (mer…)

Several of the major sites were reported as being down or as suffering slow response times while the recent attacks were in process, though none of the affected sites have, to date, issued a release on (mer…)

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Eines der größten Dinge über dieses Spiel ist, wie schnell Ihr Geld zu vermehren und wie schnell können Sie wählen, zu Fuß entfernt mit vielen, viele Male mehr Geld Sie setzen sich auf die erste Wette. (mer…)

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