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<p>The Nespresso What Else campaign was developed at McCann France, Paris.</p>

The Nespresso What Else campaign was developed at McCann France, Paris.

Nespresso has launched the 10th episode of the What Else advertising campaign featuring George Glooney, this year bringing in American actor Jack Black and Australian actress Nicole Whelan. Set at Clooney’s villa on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, the 2015 What Else series has Clooney instructing Black in the Nespresso difference. Clooney is pouring himself a cup of silky smooth Nespresso coffee. Just as the coffee is ready, a hand appears and takes the cup. It is none other than Jack Black who saunters over to an attractive female and promptly attempts to win her affections by trying to use Clooney’s infamous ‘What Else?’ phrase. Oblivious, Black gets the phrase wrong and George steps in to educate him. Later, Black (Giacomo Blacomo) experiences a moment of epiphany, as he starts to understand the incomparable difference that Nespresso offers, as the meaning of ‘What Else?’ dawns on him. Nespresso has invited fans to share their #WhatElse moments via or Nespresso’s social channels to be in with a chance to be featured on the microsite.

The phrase ‘What Else’ featured in the first ever Clooney commercial in 2006, in which Clooney mistakenly assumed he’d be well known for his acting in the Nespresso store. Two women (Maria-Elena Laas and Karolina Wydra) describe what could have been Clooney but is in fact the coffee they’re sampling. Clooney has been joined by a range of actors over the years, including Camilla Belle (2009), John Malkovich (2010), Nicole Kidman (2011), Nazanin Boniadi (2012), Laurianne Gilliéron and Matt Damon (2013), and Jean Dujardin (2014).

Says Black: “Well a lot of legends have sipped on this coffee… so it was clearly time for me to step up and give the infamous ‘What Else’ line a go. As George said, it was a story of me learning from the master!”

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