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Inspired by the result of over 10 years (mer…)

The S2716DG has a TN panel and comes with all the virtues and vices that implies. Response time in its default Normal setting is 3ms. Changing that to Fast gets it down to a more desirable 1ms. A native (mer…)

My friend didn't want to talk much about it, when I asked, even when I offered to buy another pitcher of beer. I asked what she looked like, and he didn't know. I asked if surveillance had saved the tape (mer…)

Do you think that you have what it takes to survive on your own in the wilderness? Before you venture outside and find out yourself, you might want to try a little on some sort of simulator. The closest (mer…)

All public indications seem like Feldman doesn’t have the type of money he had in his peak. This isn’t to say he is broke, but in all likelihood will not return to the lavish, millionaire lifestyle anytime (mer…)

On September 21, at the behest of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and Congressman Elihu Washburne, Logan turned the XV Corps command over to Maj. Gen. Osterhaus and returned to Illinois to stump for Lincoln. (mer…)

Cascades Casino is a fun and approachable, full-service entertainment destination with a casual ambiance, but with the scale and amenities associated with a big-city entertainment facility with exceptional (mer…)

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